We Are Railfans Podcast: Driving a virtual train



July 29th, 2021

So far, the We Are Railfans Podcast has delved into the world behind the controls of the iconic HST Class 43 power car in the UK and the short, sweet, spacious LINT 41 trains used across Europe and in Denmark in particular. But for the latest instalment, we take a look at driving locomotives in the virtual world by chatting to Senior Producer of Train Sim World, Matt Peddlesden.

Matt explains the behind-the-scenes development stages required to construct a locomotive cab in the virtual world, including considerations for sound, tutorials and accuracy so that users of Train Simulator and Train Sim World products have as an authentic experience as possible behind the controls of the railway world's most iconic forms of traction.

The ability to drive virtually has a number of advantages for: both the general non-railfan audience, who might be curious as to what life is like in the cab; those working in the industry, who might wish to know more about locomotives in other countries or on other railways; and of course railfans who can enjoy the prospect of operating trains and routes that they have grown to love over years and decades appreciating the hobby.

You can listen to the latest We Are Railfans Podcast here:

Or via a number of outlets here: https://pod.fo/e/dca28

You can find out more about the Train Simulator and Train Sim World franchises on their respective websites: Train Simulator and Train Sim World.

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