We Are Railfans Podcast: Geoff Marshall - A YouTube Journey to All the Stations



December 23rd, 2021

The We Are Railfans Podcast is ending 2021 with a bang! In this special episode, host Sam is delighted to talk to YouTuber, author and railfan personality Geoff Marshall, known to many as the man behind All the Stations and his record-breaking attempts to visit all the London Underground Stations in as short-a-time as possible.

You can listen to the episode here:

Or via a number of outlets here: https://podfollow.com/we-are-railfans-podcast/episode/8e5bf29912565161c7b13e070b8817418b012cdf/view

Geoff explains his railfan and YouTube origins, including some of the trials and tribulations of being a "medium-sized" YouTube personality before going on to describe some of most memorable moments hunting down all the railway stations in Britain. His travels have also taken him off to Ireland, Paris and the USA and though the latter wasn't necessarily a rail-orientated trip, a particular location offered Geoff an fascinating railroad / travel experience.

Some of the YouTube moments that Geoff mentions can be found below, or you can check out his YouTube Channel here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCd18OhMfRmjMjzSHP7Zrzmw

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