LMS Jubilee Class - Where to find them?



May 30th, 2022

Some of the most popular and regularly read railfan articles online are those guiding spotters, photographers and general enthusiasts to where they might find specific locomotive classes and when. The LMS Jubilee Class, owing to its continued use in preservation on Britain's main line, is a popular target for railfans and though only four remain, their intended runs garner much attention.

Below we list each of the remaining Jubilees along with an overview of their origins and their current running status and locations in 2022. For more up to date information, seek the websites of the organisations that own each of the individual locomotives.

45593 Kolhapur


45593 'Kolhapur'. Photo by Tony Hisgett of Birmingham, UK. CC BY 2.0

45593 Kolhapur was named for the state of the same name in Western India, two years after being rolled out in 1934. During its wartime service life it hauled a train occupied by Winston Churchill after talks with US President Franklin D Roosevelt but by the 1960s was approaching withdrawl along with all steam locomotives. Perhaps pre-empting a life in preservation, the locomotive ran railtours before final withdrawl in 1967. After restoration in the 1980s and running in the 1990s, Kolhapur was withdrawn once again for overhaul in the 2000s and awaits its next stint out on the mainline. It is currently awaiting overhaul at Tyseley Locomotive Works near Birmingham.

45596 Bahamas


45596 'Bahamas' approaching the junction for Norton Triangle linking the Bristol & Exeter mainline with the West Somerset Railway. Photo by Joe Rogers.

45596 Bahamas is perhaps the best known of the Jubilee Class to today's railfans as the example most commonly seen on the mainline for railtours, particularly in southern England. Its destiny on the scrapheap post-1966 was avoided by purchasing through the Bahamas Locomotive Society. By 1972 Bahamas was running railtours and through the 80s and 90s was a feature on both the mainline and on heritage railways when its mainline ticket had expired. Eventually its overall ticket also expired in 1997 and it wasn't until 2019 that 45596 once again was able to roll out onto the mainline. Today it runs regular railtours on the mainline with the owning group based at Ingrow on the Keighley and Worth Valley Railway.

You can see 2022's planned railtours by clicking here and searching for '45596'.

45690 Leander


45690 'Leander' at Barrow Hill. Photo by Jamie Ringwood.

After being built in 1936 and being withdrawn in 1964, it was a number of successive owners and heritage railways that enabled 45690 Leander to again run in preservation. It was purchased early on by the Severn Valley Railway after an initial stay at a museum in Glossop before being run on the East Lancashire Railway under owner Dr Peter Beet. From 2008 onwards, under Chris Beet, 45690 has been restored with help from West Coast Railways at Carnforth, where the locomotive can often be found between its mainline runs.

You can see 2022's planned railtours by clicking here and searching for '45699'.

45699 Galatea


45699 'Galatea' Passing Bates Mill. Photo by Andrew (ARG_Flickr) CC BY 2.0

Similarly, 45699 Galatea also saw a stint on the Severn Valley Railway, after its withdrawal in 1964, as possible spares for sister locomotive Leander. 45699 also spent time at Tyseley post-2002 before ending up at Carnforth alongside Leander, mirroring the fate of its classmate under West Coast Railways. Until March 2022, Galatea could also have been seen running on the mainline, sometimes under the guise of deceased classmates Alberta and Sierra Leone but has since been taken out of traffic for another overhaul at Carnforth.

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